Toroni Castle

Traces of habitation from the Bronze Age (3rd millennium BC) and remains of houses from the Iron Age (11th - 8th century BC) were discovered on the peninsula. In ancient times there was one of the two citadels of Toroni with a strong wall. Thucydides mentions details about the fortification of the Spartans in Lekythos and mentions that there was a temple of Athena there.

The ancient city was founded by the Chalcidians in the 8th century BC. century and developed into one of the most important ancient Greek cities of Northern Greece and the apple of contention between the Lacedaemonians and Athenians.

Later, throughout the Byzantine period, there was a strong castle on the peninsula with a polygonal plan, built mostly of material from the ancient citadel. The edge of the peninsula to the sea had its own fortification and communicated with the castle through an internal gate.

A settlement had also developed outside the peninsula.

The settlement and the castle were destroyed at some point in the 15th or 16th century. The area must have suffered a lot from pirate attacks and was in decline long before, while in the 14th century it belonged to Mount Athos.