The beaches of the Sithonia peninsula are each a small paradise on earth. The combination of the green landscape with the sandy beaches below and the clear blue waters offer the visitor the ideal place for moments of relaxation and tranquility. Some of these beaches are named below:

  • Kavourotripes beach
  • Vourvourou beach
  • Akti Elias beach
  • Tristinika beach
  • Kalamitsi beach
  • Lagomandra beach
  • Toroni beach
  • Sarti beach
  • Akti Kalogrias beach
  • Akti Koviou beach
  • Salonikiou beach
  • Platanitsi beach
  • Armenisti beach
  • Ormos Panagias beach
  • Porto Koufo beach
  • Porto Carras beach
  • Tigania beach