Find Transport to Toroni

There are 3 ways to get from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) to Toroni by bus, car or by booking your transfer from our website.


Transfer is the most popular service among travelers.

You can book transfer to the airport to be in time for your flight or to get to your destination with comfort after wearisome travel.

Transfers between airports and hotels are the most popular bookings saving tourists their valuable vacation time as there's no need to search for bus stops or taxi.


To travel from Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" (SKG) to Toroni using the KTEL Chalkidikis bus line Thessaloniki-Sarti, follow these steps:

1. From SKG to Thessaloniki Bus Station (KTEL Chalkidikis):

  • Upon arrival at Thessaloniki Airport, exit the arrivals area and find the local bus stop. You will take the public transport bus (usually Line 79 or Line 79A) to get to the Thessaloniki Interurban Bus Terminal ("KTEL Chalkidikis"). This bus will take you directly to the KTEL station without needing to go to the city center.

2. Purchase Bus Ticket to Toroni:

  • Once at the KTEL Chalkidikis bus station, go to the ticket counter and purchase a ticket for the bus route to Sarti. Make sure to specify that you are getting off at Toroni. The schedule for buses may vary, so it's advisable to check the latest schedule on the KTEL Chalkidikis website or directly at the station.

3. Board the Bus to Sarti, via Toroni:

  • The bus service Thessaloniki-Sarti stops at several destinations along the Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki, including Toroni. Board the bus and make sure to keep track of the stops or inform the driver/conductor of your destination to ensure you get off at the right stop in Toroni.

4. Arrival at Toroni:

  • The bus will drop you off at the main stop in Toroni. From here, you can easily walk to most locations within the village. The bus makes 2 additional stops among Toroni's coast. Choose the one that is more convenient for you.

Additional Tips:

  • It's a good idea to check the bus schedules a few days in advance, especially during tourist season, as times can vary and buses might be fuller.
  • Keep some cash on hand, as not all buses might accept card payments, especially in more rural areas like Toroni.
  • Consider downloading the KTEL Chalkidikis mobile app (if available) for real-time updates and digital ticketing options.

This route involves a bit of travel from the airport to the bus station and then onwards to Toroni, so plan accordingly to ensure a smooth trip.




Traveling from Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" (SKG) to Toroni by car is a straightforward journey, typically taking around 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. Here's a step-by-step guide for the drive:

  1. Exit the Airport: Start by exiting the airport and following the signs to merge onto the A25/E90 towards Thessaloniki.
  2. Continue on A25/E90: Stay on A25/E90 for about 15 km. You'll be heading southeast towards Halkidiki.
  3. Merge onto A25: After driving on E90, keep right to continue on A25, following signs for Halkidiki/Nea Moudania.
  4. Head towards Sithonia: Continue on A25 until you reach the interchange near Nea Moudania. Take the exit toward Sithonia, onto the road leading to Nikiti and Neos Marmaras.
  5. Drive towards Neos Marmaras: Follow the signs directing towards Neos Marmaras. This part of your journey involves driving through the scenic peninsula of Sithonia.
  6. Turn towards Toroni: After passing Neos Marmaras, look for signs for Toroni. You will need to turn left off the main road, following signs that direct you towards Toroni.
  7. Arrival in Toroni: Continue on this local road until you reach Toroni. The road will lead you directly into the village.
  8. Additional Tips: Before starting your trip, ensure your GPS is updated or use a reliable smartphone GPS app like Google Maps or Waze, which can help navigate and provide real-time traffic updates.


  • Check your car rental agreement for any restrictions or requirements like tolls or fees for additional drivers.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the trip, as the journey is about 130 km and can take more than 2 hours.
  • It's advisable to carry some water and snacks, especially during hot weather, as the drive through Sithonia offers limited stops. This route offers a scenic drive through the beautiful regions of Halkidiki, and driving yourself allows for the flexibility to stop andenjoy the views or visit other places along the way.

ROUTE 1 (recommended)





If you are planning to use an airport transfer service from Thessaloniki Airport "Makedonia" (SKG) to Toroni and your hotel cooperates with Lion Transfers, here's a step-by-step guide on how to arrange and utilize this service:

1. Book Your Transfer in Advance:

  • Contact your hotel in Toroni to inquire about booking an airport transfer with Lion Transfers. Most hotels will require your flight details (flight number, arrival time) to schedule the pickup accordingly.
  • Alternatively, you can directly visit the Lion Transfers website or contact them via phone or email to book your transfer. Mention that you are staying at a hotel that has a cooperation agreement with them, as there might be special rates or arrangements.

2. Confirm Your Booking:

  • Ensure that you receive a confirmation of your booking from Lion Transfers. This should include the date, time, and place of pickup, as well as the price and any instructions on how to find your driver at the airport.

3. Meeting Your Driver at the Airport:

  • Upon arrival at SKG Airport, after collecting your luggage, proceed to the arrivals hall. Look for a driver holding a sign with your name or the name of Lion Transfers. The specific meeting point can be confirmed in your booking details.
  • In case you cannot find your driver, contact Lion Transfers directly using the contact information provided in your booking confirmation.

4. Travel to Toroni:

  • The driver will assist you with your luggage and lead you to the vehicle. Once you are settled, the drive to Toroni will begin. The journey usually takes about 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.
  • This is a private transfer, so the vehicle will take you directly to your hotel in Toroni without unnecessary stops, providing a comfortable and efficient way to start your vacation.

5. Arrival at Your Hotel:

  • Upon arrival in Toroni, the driver will help you with your luggage to the reception area of your hotel.
  • It's recommended to verify the total fare and method of payment if not prepaid. Some drivers may accept only cash, so it's good to have the correct amount ready.

Additional Tips:

  • Confirm whether the transfer service includes any additional fees for delays or if there is a waiting policy for delayed flights.
  • If traveling with small children, check if you need to request child seats.
  • Keep the contact number of Lion Transfers handy during your travel in case of any changes to your flight or travel plans.

Using a dedicated airport transfer service like Lion Transfers can offer a hassle-free start to your stay in Toroni, especially if you prefer not to navigate public transport or drive yourself after a flight.

Why booking transfers is so popular with tourists?

  • Transfer is much more advantageous than taxi to airport:
  • Pricing Transparency The price for your transfer with Lion Transfers is comprehensive, encompassing all taxes, road tolls, and gratuities. There are no hidden costs, so you can travel with peace of mind knowing the full price upfront.
  • Guaranteed Comfort With Lion Transfers, you are guaranteed the exact vehicle you booked. You'll enjoy the privacy of traveling exclusively with your party, enhancing your comfort and experience. For those interested in sharing their ride, simply select the 'I want to share my trip' option when you book, and we can connect you with fellow passengers along the same route.
  • Uncompromised Safety Safety is paramount at Lion Transfers. Every vehicle in our fleet is subjected to rigorous, regular inspections to ensure they meet high safety standards. Rest assured, you'll be in a dependable car with an expert driver, making your journey not just comfortable, but also secure.
  • Reliable Timings Lion Transfers prides itself on punctuality. Your driver will arrive at the specified time, and we also monitor your flight's arrival times to adapt to any changes. Additionally, your driver will meet you at the airport holding a nameplate, included in the service, to ensure no time is wasted in beginning your seamless transfer experience.